The Old-School Stool

The proverbial “three-legged stool” of retirement funding traditionally comprised Social Security, a company pension and personal savings, but that stool has been wobbly for quite some time. In fact, the traditional pension has been replaced largely by employer-sponsored 401(k) plans. This development firmly places the responsibility of two of the three stool legs on individual […]

Avoiding Biased Decision Making

When you hear something repeated enough times, doubts may start to slip away, and eventually it’s accepted as a fact. Believing the things that are imbedded in our psyche because we’ve heard them before is known as an “availability bias.”1 This may partially explain why blue-chip stocks are popular, as more investors tend to be […]

Foibles of Retirement Planning

The traditional retirement model was based on a rigid assumption that people worked 40 years until they were 65, and then enjoyed a retirement supported by a company pension plan. That model doesn’t exist anymore, at least not for the average worker. Social Security data shows that the average career span is only 38 years […]

For the Health of Marriage

Turns out marriage can do more for your heart than fill it with love. A recent study found that, among other health benefits, married people have a higher probability of surviving a stroke.1 They are also more likely to survive major surgery, have fewer heart attacks, be less likely to have advanced cancer when diagnosed […]

Helping Make Your Retirement Money Last

For every five years longer a retiree lives, he or she spends about 15 percent less on average. This means that people in their 70s spend about half of what they do in their 50s. Even with the ramp-up in medical expenses that often comes later in life, retirees still tend to spend less as […]

Tailoring Investment Strategies to Suit You

Stocks may have a reputation for being riskier than bonds, but you should also consider the risk that investing only in bonds may not accumulate enough money to finance all your aspirations in retirement. It is true that stocks are more volatile than bonds, and there is no guarantee they will yield income, but they […]

Checks and Balances: How Much Can a U.S. President Do?

Donald Trump has a broad presidential agenda that encompasses foreign trade, immigration, deregulation, taxes and investment in U.S. infrastructure. These policies are poised to impact certain industries over others, such as health care, energy, financial services and technology.1 Every presidential candidate enters the campaign with a platform of changes and priorities, which presumably dominate the […]

The Stock Market in Volatile Times

You’ve likely heard a few clichés when it comes to investing: stay the course; buy right and hold tight; time is more valuable than money; etc. The point is clear, if your investments align with your goals, timeline and risk tolerance, then there may be no reason to make changes to your portfolio when the […]

Calculating Retirement

Yogi Berra once said, “You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you are going, because you might not get there.”1 When it comes to retirement, plenty of people get there — but it may not be what they expected because they either didn’t plan, or their financial strategy didn’t help keep […]

Inflation: Influences and Impacts

When prices rise across the board, people tend to “hunker down,” eat more meals at home, shop less, spend less and cut back. However, inflation rate increases have impacted various areas of the economy in different ways,1 and consumer spending has been up and down in recent months as well.2 As interest rates hold steady […]